Tifo paths

za orijentaciju u prostoru

Tifo paths (i.e. guides ) facilitate independent movement and orientation of blind and visually impaired people indoors. Made of rubber , sensitive to touch i.e. when walking on them , they don’t bother wheelchairs in motion and they are intended for easier independent movement of blind and visually impaired people.

They can be placed as a path , with/on stairs ,and the stations , but also on to all materials ( concrete, stone, vinyl , rubber, plastic, carpet..). They are placed very fast a are immediately ready to use, non-sliding, not easy to tear or to come off, due its combination of glue and rubber , so they are long standing and they don’t require change.

There are 3 types of paths: diagonal (straight ) , warning ones and positional. Diagonal aim secure path through facility, bypassing the pillars, and all other obstacles which visually impaired may encounter or bringing them to the tactile information boards which are helpful for further independent movement.

The warning ones are similar to design of position ones, but with a difference of few centimeters and they serve as a notification/alert to all dangerous situations such as approach to the stairs, ramps, curbs , crossing streets or transport stops or for overcoming obstacles so the visually impaired don’t stumble , get hurt, or hit on something.

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