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State agencies, the government and state organizations

The National Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia
Trustee for Equality
Office for Cooperation with Civil Society Government of Serbia
Agency for European Integration and Cooperation with Associations
Ombudsman - Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Home of the Army of Serbia

Cities, municipalities and urban service centers

Belgrade City Assembly
City municipality Vračar
City municipality Stari Grad
City municipality Vračar
City municipality Rakovica
City municipality Obrenovac
City municipality Zvezdara
City municipality Zemun
City municipality Lazarevac
Novi Pazar - Service Center of Novi Pazar
Uzice - Service Center of Uzice
Pancevo - Service Center of Pancevo
City Jagodina - Service Center of Jagodina
City of Nis - Municipal Service Center Mediana
Center for Social Work of Velika Plana


Foundation "Ana and Vlade Divac"
HRH Crown Princess Katherine foundation
Center for foster care and adoption "Miloševac"
Association for helping patients with chronic viral hepatitis - Chronos
Association of Citizens "Zen Art"
Alliance COSI - Center for People with Disabilities
Alliance of the deaf and hearing impaired Serbia
Alliance of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Belgrade
Alliance of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Kragujevac
TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations / Tehnička Podrška Organizacijama Civilnog Društva)
Fund for an Open Society
Association of Interpreters for persons with hearing Serbia - UTLOSS
Association of Disabled Students - ASD
The Association for Persons with Disabilities "Let’s live together"
Center for foster care and adoption "Miloševac"
Tourist Organization of Belgrade
UIPS - an association of companies for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities

Technological and technical partners

Audiovox d.o.o.
Smilex trade d.o.o.

Companies and Public Enterprises

British council
Telenor d.o.o.
Vip mobile d.o.o.
Tigar Tyres
Transportation preduzeće „Lasta“
Transportation company "Lasta"
Belgrade City Market
Railway Serbia
Belgrade Railway Station
Novi Sad Railway Station
Nis Railway Station
Subotica Railway Station
Cacak Railway Station
Kraljevo Railway Station
PTT Serbia
Bakery Nesic
Caffe bar Dali

Healthcare and medical facilities

Eye Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia
Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions

Primary school "Dragan Kovacevic", Belgrade
Primary school "Jovan Popovic," Inđija
Secondary school with boarding for deaf and hard of hearing "Stefan of Decani"
Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
Faculty of Law, University of Podgorica
Nursery "Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj"

Cultural institutions

Endowment "Paul Beljanski"
Endowment "Elijah M. Kolarac "
National Theatre in Belgrade
National Library of Serbia
Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra
Theatre on Terazije

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