Induction loop

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Induction system for amplification of speech that allows people who have hearing aids to clearly hear speaker i.e. to hear sounds around them without interference. Statistics in world and our country shows that 30% of population has a hearing impairment and is in need to use hearing aids, and the percentage is increasing from year to year.

People with hearing aids ,don`t receive sound through the transmission of molecules through scope , they receive the transformation of sound signal (voice of speaker) through the loop, by the electromagnetic field that transfers the voices that are converted back into a sound signal, and thus avoid any interference in the transmission of voice through the air and disturbance caused by the environment.

The system is an electrical device that acoustic signals received through the microphone amplify and transforms it into electromagnetic waves. They are, through the pre-installed loops, broadcasted in the area that which the loop covers. The system is the emitter, and the hearing aid is a receiver of electromagnetic waves, which are in hearing aids again converted into sound.

A special advantage of this system is that hearing aids, not just the last generation, but the apparatus old 20 or more years, are equipped to receive signals from the induction system. There are no operating costs, no wearing parts or mechanical parts. After installation, the device uses only a few watts of power. Installation is simple and does not include cost of the devices.

Where can induction loops be used?

Inductive loops are used in conditions of difficult audibility where there is a problem of creating noise (eg churches), where the distance from the sound source is high (eg, theaters, cinemas, school halls, etc..) or where background noise is loud (areas with more people - banks, railway stations, airports, etc..).

The system can be used in a variety of facilities - lecture halls, public institutions and the counters of banks, receptions and others. The manner of usage is very simple. The officer at the counter must just keep the system turned on without without taking care whether the customer hears good or is hearing aid user. Counter on which it is installed is marked by a visible sign, internationally recognizable , that hearing aid user provides information that the place is wired in a special way ie. has induction loop.

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