Accessibility expertise


Upon entry into force of the Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities ("Sl. glasnik RS", broj 36/09,) the first reform legislation of this type in the RS, it is established the base for more efficient and better inclusion of persons with disability at the labor market. The Provisions of this Law concerning the obligation of employing persons with disabilities shall be applied from May 23, 2010.

Employment provides specific participation in social life and opens up a range of new features that every person has equal rights. Unemployed persons with disabilities must be equal to the other candidates seeking job and their employment is based on economic motives. The equal treatment in the labor market will ensure the economic stability of people with disabilities and contribute to their socialization and labor-social participation.

Citizens Association "ALTHEA" deals with the accessibility expertise of your office spaces for people with disabilities. By performed expertise you get the expertise of the current situation and proposed solutions in accordance with applicable legal provisions and principles of universal design.

By analyses of possible directions, movements and habits of the people , we make expertise of your space by observing all steps and directions that persons can make and making the space accessible to all (people in wheelchairs, families with kids in carriage (pram ) , people that are visually or hearing impaired, people with low or high growth from standard, overweight people and also to everyone else).

With chainlike removing of the obstacles, from starting point to access to the main entrance, to the tactile information board with Braille, in the lobby or corridor to the elevator and/or stairs or even existing escalators, then to the upper halls and corridors, and by all that making sure of internal approach (doors etc. ) , destination (rooms, offices, auditorium…) , and performing of the planed functions on way accessible to all , as well as toilet, then return route, route of evacuation (fire etc.) to the exit i.e. end point. Through all this works on adaptations, it is possible to plan years ahead , by paying attention to priorities while similar works can be connected and by that save a lot of money.

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