Activities 2012.

What we did during fifth years ago

Beograd, 21,12.2012.

Presentation of brochures and lecture about infectious diseases in Braille, to the pupils of the seventh and eighth grades in elementary school, "Dragan Kovacevic" in cooperation with the Association for help to patients suffering from chronic viral hepatitis - Chronos.

Beograd, 03,12.2012.

On the International Day of Disabled Persons on the building and on the premises of the Ombudsman in Deligradska 16 in Belgrade were placed tactile sign at the entrance to the institution, tactile guides - for marking the entrance stair and tactile path from the entrance to the registry office and reception rooms. Meeting rooms are equipped with equipment for the amplification and transmission of sound, which facilitates communication people who are hearing impaired.

"Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic appeals to representatives of state bodies, ie. public authorities, to contribute with the established practices of equality of persons with disabilities and urges them to at a minimum of effort make their buildings and their work more accessible to all citizens. Accessibility is also a legal obligation which is unfortunately, rarely observed, indicating that the deficiencies in relation to persons with disabilities, and problems in respect of the rule of law in the Republic of Serbia. "

Beograd, 30.11.2012.

Presentation of a large inductive loop in the hall of the school for hearing impaired children, "Stefan Dečanaski" donated by foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine. In the first phase of the project , induction loops were embed in five classrooms of the school.

Beograd, 16.10.2012.

On concurse of Fondation Ana i Vlade Divac "Really matters" our idea was approved - Brochure on infectious diseases in Braille
Brosura o infektivnim bolestima

Beograd, 15.10.2012.

Access ramp for people with disabilities was placed in preschool institution"Čika Jova Zmaj".

Belgrade, 01.07.2012.

The tactile panel in Braille and the induction system was set, and timetable was presented at the Lasta bus station.

Belgrade, 13.06.2012.

Zaštitnik građana - Urađene vizitkarte sa brajevom azbukom.

Belgrade, 12.06.2012.

Presentation brochure in Braille, an informer on municipal services and functions of Municipality Stari Grad.

Belgrade, 01.06.2012.

For Trustee Office for the Protection of Equality we done double-sided business cards in Braille for all employees, as well as additional tactile tables on Braille, which are placed on the office door and we installed the induction loop for amplification of sound.

Belgrade, 27.05.2012.

For Association for of Students with Disabilities (ASD) we did business cards in Braille for all employees.

Belgrade, 24-25.05.2012.

Participation at the CSO FAIR 2012. with presentation to the induction system, audio descriptions, guides and latest brochures, which on this occasion were distributed.

Belgrade, 15.05.2012.

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Belgrade, 18.03.2012.

In the National Theatre, at the "Rasa Plaović" scene, the induction system for amplification of speech for hearing impaired persons and system for audio description was put into operation. With this event operation of these systems in both halls has officially started. On this occasion it was organized a meeting of blind and visually impaired visitors to the actors in the play "Misunderstanding".

Belgrade, 26.02.2012.

Presentation of tourist guides at the Belgrade Tourism Fair at the stand of Tourist organization of Belgrade.

Belgrade, 24.02.2012.

Agency for European integration and cooperation with associations, awarded the certificates to participants of training for advanced control projects. Althea was a Milan Blagojevic.

Belgrade, 01.2012.

Ombudsman– The brochures in Braille and audio books for blind people are created, with the theme "Children protection from violence in schools"

Belgrade, januar.2012.

In collaboration with Nešić bakery, we organized a daily supply of pastries for users of the living quarters of the Association for persons with disabilities "Living together".

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