Activities 2011.

What we did during fourth years ago

Belgrade, 12.2011.

British Council - A brochure in Braille and tactile panel set in Braille for the blind and visually impaired are created.

Belgrade, 12.2011.

Železnice Srbije - tradicionalno, peti put, izdat red vožnje na Brajevom pismu za slepe i slabovide osobe.


Belgrade, 12.10.2011.

The tifo path was set up in the Central House of the Army of Serbia for the “Pavle Beljanski Legacy “ exhibition purposes.


Belgrade, 10.2011.

Volunteering in orphanage in Zvečanska street with children with special need s,in the project "Better off in two."

Belgrade, 11.09.2011.

Resavska 9 - in cooperation with the metropolitan municipality of Stari Grad a metal ramp for people with disabilities was set up.


Belgrade, 09.2011.

City municipality Vračar - a guide in Braille for the blind and visually impaired people is made and it can be taken at the information desk of the municipality.


Belgrade, 23-24.05.2011.

Participation at the Fair of civil society, for the second time, organized by the Agency for Cooperation with NGOs and held at Nikola Pašić Square.


Lazarevac, 15.05.2011.

In the municipal administration building, at the entrance to the building, the tactile information panel in Braille for the blind and visually impaired people is placed, as well as the rubber floor mats. The induction system for amplification of speech hearing impaired persons was installed, too.


Belgrade, 05.2011.

National Library of Serbia - The whole area is accessible to blind and visually impaired by rubber mats and placed guides for the blind and visually impaired people and 2 tactile information panels in Braille.


Belgrade, 05.2011.

Commissioner for Equality - business cards done in Braille for all employees, as well as tactile and panel Braillee that are posted on office doors.


Inđija, 29.04.2011.

In elementary school "Jovan Popović" set of rubber mats for the visually impaired children, enabling them to independently move through the school.

Belgrade, 26.04.2011.

The National Theatre, Main Stage, audio description was put into operation. It allows blind and visually impaired persons to monitor the performance with wireless headsets, a device whose signal reaches the handset and does not interfere with other devices in the hall because it operates on the infrared dual channel infrared principle. Through one audio channel users can listen to the person who explains what is happening on the stage, and the another channel provides sound coming from the stage.


Belgrade, 23.04.2011.

Tactile metal treads for blind and partially sighted on two bus stops of the city bus at the Republic Square.


Zlatibor, 17.-21.04.2011.

TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations / Technical Support to Civil Society Organizations) training, hotel "Mona."


Belgrade, 13.04.2011

Udruženje gradjana Althea organizovalo je upoznavanje korisnika dnevnog centra udruženja ‚‚Živimo zajedno‚‚ sa igračima fudbalskog kluba Crvena Zvezda.

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