Activities 2008.

What we did during the first year

Pančevo, 19.05.2008.

Marking the village for the blind in Pančevo.

Kragujevac, 08.2008.

Marking the rooms in the Association of the Blind, Kragujevac.

Belgrade, 20.01.2008.

Association "ALTHEA" in cooperation with the firm SMILEX Trade Ltd., certified by the Association of the Blind of Serbia as a company that manufactures tactile Braille panels, has marked six major railway stations in Serbia. Tactile boards are placed in the buildings of railway stations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Subotica, Kraljevo and Čačak.

Belgrade, 18.01.2008.

Making of the informatory / timetable for Serbian Railways for the year 2008 and setting up the tactile panel at the Belgrade railway station.

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