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Association has a big task…

Association "ALTHEA" was founded as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization. Our mission is removal of all architectural barriers and providing equal rights and opportunities for all.

We believe the right to a dignified life for all and all members of association are working to improve the overall social situation, including persons who are disabled to travel independently, blind and visually impaired, hearing impaired persons, the elderly and children and mothers with children.

Members of the Association are committed to alleviating human suffering, encouraging personal development, good will, positive approach and solidarity among people.

We are the only organization in the region that deals with the design, manufacture and installation of tactile signs with braille, for which we have copyright and setting up systems for amplification of the induction speech for the deaf and hard of hearing people, and for older people.

In accordance with the European Anti-Discrimination Act disabled persons and the Law on Prevention of Discrimination against people with disabilities from 17.04.2006 year. (Službeni glasnik, 33/06) and the Anti-Discrimination Law of the Republic of Serbia from 2009 and the Law on Construction of RS 2009, "ALTHEA" has as its core business towards a socialization of disabled persons and their involvement in all aspects and trends public life.

The specificity of the problem at that point applies primarily to public places, where it is inaccessible to handicapped persons, such as government institutions, hospitals,, health centers, educational institutions, associations, hotels, banks, travel agencies, public services, theaters , galleries, cinemas and other places of entertainment, law firms, libraries, public pedestrian, public transport, including trains, buses, ships and planes, shops and market places, parks, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, sports facilities, public swimming pools, public toilets ...

We hope that you will be recognized in its efforts to enrich and enable the service that it is equally used by all citizens are willing to offer and present a project for facilities in your jurisdiction.


In order to achieve its goals the Association's mission is :

Commitment for the protection and legal rights of persons with disabilities;

Committed combat against discrimination of people with disabilities, which they are constantly exposed;

Providing access for disabled persons to public facilities and public space, which is related to: public pedestrian, public transport, including trains, buses, ships and airplanes, educational institutions, shops and markets, banks, associations, parks, public pools, public toilets , cafes and taverns, restaurants, hotels, theaters, galleries, cinemas and other places of entertainment, law firms, libraries, sports facilities, government institutions, hospitals, health centers, hairdressers and beauty salons, travel agencies, public services.

Cooperation in standardization, development and installation of signs and markings which in itself would contained a visual, text and Braille.

Cooperation in standardization, development and installation of ramps, vertical and skew platforms, toilets, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights etc.

Commitment for improvement ways and conditions of informing people with disabilities and publication of materials in Braille for the information of blind and visually impaired persons;

Organizations (private or in community with other similar organizations), professional gatherings , counseling, seminars and other forms of professional education in this field;

Cooperation with associations, authorities, universities, professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad dealing with the protection and preservation of the rights of disabled persons;

Gathering of professional literature;

Participation in the implementation of projects that promote the objectives of persons with disabilities;

Constant education of members in the field of disability rights.


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